Blog contribution guidelines

Considering submitting a blog to Please read the guidelines below and contact us if you have any further questions.

Who can blog

We welcome contributions from anyone, as long as you’ve got something interesting to say.


Roughly 800 to 900 words is about right.


While not losing its factual rigour, your blog must be understood by a non-specialised audience. Complexity is fine – we’re not asking you to dumb things down – but should be conveyed through the use of key messages, bullet points, examples, illustrations and so forth.


Blogs should be propositional: it is essential that the piece puts forth a clear argument and explicit opinion. Where possible, it should relate to contemporary debates or media hooks. To borrow from Duncan Green: “intelligent conversation, admitting doubts and dilemmas, humour is good. You have to give people a reason to keep on reading. What are the wider implications? What do we need to do differently? What have we got wrong?”


The text may be edited for house style and clarity, but we will always ask you to check and approve edits before publishing: it is therefore important that you are available to review these after submitting your draft text. Please do add hyperlinks to other pieces where possible and we welcome accompanying images, photos, graphics, illustrations and so forth, though we’re happy to source those ourselves if preferred.