ODI’s Development Progress project

ODI’s Development Progress project ran from 2009-2017, aiming to better understand, measure and communicate progress in development. Through its research, it sought to examine progress across countries and within sectors, to provide evidence for what’s worked and why over the previous two decades. The project was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

An archive of Development Progress reports and other research outputs is available on the ODI website.

An archive of the blogs hosted on developmentprogress.org is available on this website, deliver2030.org, in the Development Progress blogs section.

Thank you for your interest in the project.

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  1. saripalli suryanarayana | January 13, 2017 at 5:14 pm | Reply

    The progress reports looks intresting in the Initial days as the leaders who committed did some thing.But the regime changes and look forward for a more national out look leaves many questions never answered.
    We look for innovation new technologies for national and international development.
    We pay the fees for such who wants to educate in the developed world.The problem here is two fold.[1]The migration systems of these countries are not defined and the universities serve as a reserviour for foreign student degrees[2]The students coming to such countries have no intention to return to their country because they may not get substantial benefit out of investment.
    The corollary is not the brain drain,not the money lost,but the desperation which will act psychologically against the societies which ignore the outcome.

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