SDGs resources round-up

  • Victoria A. Beard, Anjali Mahendra and Michael I. Westphal (WRI): Towards a More Equal City: Framing the Challenges and Opportunities. This first in a series of working papers that comprises the World Resources Report focuses on struggling and emerging cities, noting that the expected scale of infrastructure and services needed in these cities creates an important opportunity to alter their development trajectory. The report identifies four key challenges to for sustainable cities, examines whether providing equitable access to core services leads to a more economically productive and environmentally sustainable city, and explores actionable approaches to providing core services like housing, water and sanitation, energy, and transportation.
  • Fair Trade: Localising the Sustainable Development Goals through Fair Trade – toolkit. Through this toolkit, the Fair Trade movement aims to provide Local Authorities with recommendations on how they can contribute to this ambition by partnering up with the Fair Trade movement. The publication is structured around the following local policy areas: public procurement, local economic development, international cooperation, awareness raising, and multi-stakeholder engagement. A press release on the toolkit is also available, here.
  • Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla (IFPRI) and Jonathan Hepburn (ICTSD): Trade, Food Security, and the 2030 Agenda. This paper examines how policies affecting trade and markets are relevant to the SDG on hunger and malnutrition, looks at past progress and projected trends, and examines options for government action in the years ahead. It looks at increasing investment in public goods to help the food insecure, ensuring that markets are not distorted, ensuring access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food, reducing the impact of market volatility on poor people, and balancing next steps.
  • Barbara Adams (Global Policy Forum): United Nations and business community, out-sourcing or crowding in? This brief looks at transformations needed in the financial sector that will encourage implementation in line with the SDGs. It notes the increasingly-large role to be played by the private sector, as public resources will not be sufficient to meet the financial demands of the 2030 Agenda, but also due in-part to the UN’s zero growth doctrine that has been in place since the 1980s. The brief outlines funding gaps, fragmentation, and gateways for big businesses to partner or exert influence.

Compiled by Adam Fishman for WRI, a member of the Independent Research Forum. For more news and events on the SDGs, visit or subscribe to the weekly SDG Delivery Update here

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