SDGs resources round-up

  • United Nations: President’s Summary of the 2016 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (Draft). This draft summary compiles the key messages emerging from 2016’s HLPF, noting where the world stands nearly one year since the SDGs’ adoption. The document contains sections on how countries are achieving the ambition of the 2030 Agenda and theme of the HLPF, ‘leave no one behind’ noting means of implementation, the need for ownership at national level, and vertical cooperation needed from global to local in order to engage multiple stakeholders to act.
  • Millennium Institute: Version 1.2 of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG). The Millennium Institute (MI) recently announced the release of Version 1.2 of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG). The iSDG is a comprehensive simulation tool that generates country-specific development scenarios to show the implications of policy on a country’s progress towards the SDGs. The model’s interface allows users to chart potential progress toward each of the SDGs; evaluate synergies and trade-offs among proposed policies and strategies; and foresee their long-term impacts up to year 2050. A short write-up of the model is also available on Deliver 2030, here.
  • Chris Hoy and Andy Sumner: Gasoline, Guns, and Giveaways: Is There New Capacity for Redistribution to End Three Quarters of Global Poverty? This working paper published by the Center for Global Development (CGDev) argues that three-quarters of global poverty can, in principle, be eliminated via redistribution of nationally available resources in terms of cash transfers funded by new taxation and the reallocation of public spending (from fossil fuel subsidies and ‘surplus’ military spending). The authors also find that at lower poverty lines, ending global poverty may be within the financial capacities of most national developing country governments, either in the form of new taxation or reallocation of existing public finances, though this is not the case at higher poverty lines. A summary write-up is available here.

Compiled by Adam Fishman for WRI, a member of the Independent Research Forum. For more news and events on the SDGs, visit or subscribe to the weekly SDG Delivery Update here

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