SDGs resources round-up

  • Paula Caballero: A Short History of the SDGs. This descriptive piece reflects on the SDG journey’s early days. It outlines the process from the Goals’ conception through Rio+20, describing and acknowledging the process points, friends, key events, stumbling blocks and characteristics that ultimately resulted in the universal and integrated framework we have today.
  • Potential Elements of Draft Resolution on Follow-up and Review of the 2030 Agenda at the Global Level. This elements paper, preceded by letters from the President of the 70thsession of the UN General Assembly (PGA) and the co-facilitators (H.E. Ms. Lois Young of Belize and H.E. Mr. Ib Petersen of Denmark), outlines the convergence of opinions around the main features of a follow-up and review framework for the SDGs, from themes to national reviews to participation to coherence of SD policies throughout the UN system. It notes that informal consultations will be convened on 28 April at UN headquarters. A summary write-up by IISD is also available, here.
  • UNCTAD: Trading Into Sustainable Development: Trade, Market Access, and the Sustainable Development Goals. This report examines various interactions between trade policy, with a specific focus on market access conditions, and factors that constitute the basis for achieving sustainable development. Chapter 1 gives an overview, examining the SD concerns already integrated into today’s policymaking, while later chapters delve into tariffs for trade and development purposes, such as the importance of connectivity (i.e. maritime) to international markets.
  • CARE International and WWF International: Twin Tracks: Developing Sustainably and Equitably in a Carbon-Constrained World. This 3rd and final edition of the ‘Twin Tracks‘ report analyzes the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It notes that these two international frameworks provide a key opportunity for tackling the interlinked challenges of sustainable development and poverty eradication, and climate change. The report recommends, among other next steps, a cross-institutional approach to implementation, an enhanced science-policy interface, the application of climate-sensitive indicators, and the mobilization of a diverse range of stakeholders.

Compiled by Adam Fishman for WRI, a member of the Independent Research Forum. For more news and events on the SDGs, visit or subscribe to the weekly SDG Delivery Update here.

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