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ggHello and welcome to Deliver2030.org, our new hub website for a new development era.

We set up Post2015.org to be an information hub on the Sustainable Development Goals; a platform of evidence-based analysis that we hoped would be of use to all those involved in the shaping of the new development agenda.

We think we’ve been successful in our mission: since our launch in April 2012, 282,583 people have viewed 1,507 posts 618,536 times. It’s also been a tool to foster debate around key SDGs themes, notably the data revolution and the leave no one behind agenda. We’ve been particularly pleased with levels of engagement with the Proposal Tracker (http://tracker.post2015.org/) which lists 367 suggestions for goals from civil society, academia, think tanks and others. Many people have told us that this has been a useful resource.

Now that the SDGs have been agreed and signed by heads of state we’ve relaunched the site with a new name: Deliver2030.org. This went live at the start of 2016, as governments, civil society and others start to grapple with the realities of implementing the new agenda.

It will continue – we hope – to host thoughtful, timely writing and analysis that will be useful as we all start the process of taking the global goals and producing domestic interpretations of them. It will continue to be a place for the aggregation of data, crowdsourcing information about policies, spending, institutional arrangements, and more.

We have already launched the Target Tracker (http://post2015.org/targets-tracker/), to collect information about the national targets that governments will start to develop as the basis for national implementation strategies. Please send us details.

But the new site has a fresh look, and we intend to run it in collaboration with partners. We welcome any feedback on the current site and ideas for the new one. We hope that you will continue to find it useful, as the political task changes from shaping the goals to delivering them, and as the time horizon moves from 2015 to 2030.

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