5 things needed to turn the SDGs into reality

This post is written by Elizabeth Stuart, Research Fellow and Team Leader, Sustainable Development Goals, ODI, and originally appeared on Devex

Now that the sustainable development goals are — in the main — agreed, what needs to happen to turn this global manifesto into a national policy agenda?

The clock to SDG attainment will start ticking Jan. 1, 2016. Here are five things that will be important to ensure the much-debated goals and targets — and the overarching vision of a new future for everyone — actually start to be implemented.

1. In too many countries, the SDGs have been seen purely as a diplomatic process and therefore led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with capitals not well-versed in the negotiations. Once the outcome document is signed by heads of state in September, governments should work quickly to ensure that all line ministries discuss the implications for their country. This will include analysis to decide on priorities and trade-offs.

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