Post-2015 resources round-up is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post. Below, read today’s selection:

Human rights and the SDGs: A side-lined priority? – This Future UN Development System briefing, by Bertrand G Ramcharan, looks at the content of the SDGs, strategies for implementation, and follow-up and review options from a human rights perspective, offering policy options for future mainstreaming. It finds a disconnect between the SDGs and the actual human rights strategies for implementation, calling for more explicit human rights wording in the goals themselves, and requesting that the UN Secretary General refer to the role of national human rights institutions when preparing guidelines for national reports and review processes.

From Declaration to Delivery: Actioning the Post-2015 agenda – David Stephen’s synthesis report is based on the outcomes of a series of dialogues with eight countries that have already begun exploring how to turn the promise of a new sustainable development agenda into reality. The roundtables were held in Denmark, Ghana, Mexico – with the participation of Colombia, Guatemala and Peru – Pakistan and Tanzania. Each roundtable took the proposed SDGs and associated targets as their starting point, showcasing the work of UN member states that have already started to think through the practicalities of implementation. This report identifies themes or ‘reality checks’ drawn from the roundtables to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of delivering a sustainable development agenda.

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons from government spending on the MDGs – This Oxfam 2015 Government Spending Watch Report takes stock of progress on MDG spending, aiming to inform decisions in the Financing for Development negotiations. The report analyzes whether current spending trends will be sufficient to achieve the SDGs; examines how spending has been funded since 2008 and what must be changed moving forward; identifies needs to ensure government spending combats inequality; and assesses country readiness to track SDG spending and hold both governments and funders to account.

Sustainable Development in Action: Special report on voluntary multi-stakeholder partnerships and commitments for sustainable development – This UNDESA report acknowledges the increasingly important role of multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in the Post-2015 era and reviews nine action networks, MSPs, and voluntary commitments. It focuses on how knowledge is aggregated, managed and shared to identify trends and challenges as the world transitions to the SDG era. It concludes that future efforts must focus on developing a global knowledge-sharing framework that also reviews progress of implementation and connects local level to global level

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