New proposed indicators to monitor the post-2015 education framework

This post was written by Education For All Global Monitoring Report and originally appeared on the World Education Blog

The post-2015 sustainable development agenda, including the education goal, has received praise for its ambitious and universal scope. The challenge now lies in developing a solid monitoring framework, which can be used to track progress towards the targets while helping to focus international efforts on areas that might be left behind.

WEFThis blog presents the proposal – by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) established by UNESCO – for a set of indicators to monitor the post-2015 education targets. This proposal will be presented at a special session of the World Education Forum in Incheon on 20 May.  The proposal complements the draft Framework for Action on Education 2030, which will be debated at the Forum.

The TAG proposal includes 42 thematic indicators that could be used to monitor education progress globally. Ultimately, it is expected that about six to ten of these indicators will be selected by the United Nations Statistical Commission to monitor progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, while the broader set of indicators proposed will be used to monitor progress towards the 10 education targets under this Goal.

The proposal incorporates feedback from a public consultation, which took place between November 2014 and January 2015, on a discussion document put forward by the TAG. Almost 200 organizations and individuals from 67 countries participated in the public consultation, which provided a rich array of feedback from representatives of civil society, academia, development partners, governments and other stakeholders. The submissions are available online and a summary of the comments is presented in the proposal. This blog lays out some of the key feedback received.

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