Taking fragility seriously in financing the SDGs

This post was written by Frauke de Weijer, Senior Policy Officer Conflict, Security and Resilience Programme, ECDPM, on the ECDPM Talking Points blog

The recently published OECD report ‘States of Fragility 2015 – Meeting post-2015 ambitions’ presents very interesting facts and figures on the likelihood of fragile states meeting the post-2015 development goals.

Until recently, a very popular quote from the 2011 World Development Report was that not a single fragile state would achieve any of the MDGs by the end of 2015. Although this statement might no longer be entirely true, nearly two-thirds of fragile states are still not expected to meet the goal of halving poverty. Fragile states are home to 43% of people living on less than US$ 1.25 a day and looking to the future gives cause for concern.  If progress continues at current trends, nearly half a billion people will still remain under this poverty threshold. Unsurprisingly, they will not fare a lot better on other indicators too.

This leads to a very simple conclusion. If we want to meet the post-2015 goals, in whatever form they take, we need to take fragility very seriously. This means drawing on the lessons learnt in the past, and making sure that the outcome of the Third Financing for Development Conference (FfD) in Addis Ababa this July is a step forward from where we are now. The zero draft of the Financing for Development outcome document is our window into the future of financing.

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