Post-2015 resources round-up is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post. Below, read today’s selection:

Financing for Development: The challenge of implementing SDGs – This report, from Friends of Europe, summarises a Development Policy Forum roundtable held on March 5. The document covers ODA, a new emphasis on sustainability in Financing for Development, blended finance, south-south cooperation, and tax evasion.

Data Deprivation: Another deprivation to end – This World Bank policy research working paper by Umar Serajuddin, Hiroki Uematsu, Christina Wieser, Nobuo Yoshida and Andrew Babaaken gives a definition for data deprivation and examines its extent. The paper classifies countries into five categories based on their level of data deprivation according to indicators of availability, notes regional trends and takes practical considerations for meeting the recommended targets into account. Three targets are proposed to end data deprivation by 2030, related specifically to data on poverty.

Placing Water at the Core of the Sustainable Development Goals: Why an Integrated Perspective is Needed – The Institute for Global Environmental Studies paper, by Binaya Raj Shivakoti and Magnus Bengtsson, looks at ways to ensure water is fully integrated throughout the goal framework, including analysis of how water either impacts or is impacted by targets outside of SDG 6. It calls for greater integrated water resource management which heavily involves local stakeholders and for development of governance systems to enable greater integration.

A Compilation of Aspects of the Means of Implementation: Water and Sanitation – This advance draft copy from UN Water looks at the various financial and non-financial MoI related to water and sanitation, aiming to provide an overview context of the current available resources and existing initiatives, actions and conditions needed to meet SDG 6. The paper is structured according to SDG 17’s sub-headings on means of implementation. Conclusions emphasise the importance of country-level focus for implementation, the potential to scale existing systems, and inclusion of many stakeholders.

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