Post-2015 resources round-up is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post. Below, read today’s selection:

CBDR in the Post-2015 Development Agenda  – This article, by Alvin K Leong, analyzes CBDR in the context of the intergovernmental decisions underpinning the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and proposes a paradigm – the conceptualization of CBDR contextualized by “different national circumstances” and the operationalization of CBDR subject to national realities and priorities and policy space – that could potentially help transcend the North-South divide and guide the agenda’s transformative power.

The Role of Biomass in the Sustainable Development Goals: A Reality Check and Governance Implications – This IASS Potsdam working paper by Alexander Müller, Jes Weigelt, Ariane Götz, Oscar Schmidt, Ivonne Lobos Alva, Ira Matuschke, Ulrike Ehling and Tim Beringer  looks at what the SDGs imply for demand on and for food, feed, biomaterials, bioenergy, and consumption and how this impacts governance questions for the SDGs. It recommends, among other things, a close review of the safeguards and frameworks that could apply to governance implications of the SDGs, building on or reinforcing good policies, and ensuring a strong monitoring and review framework.

Financing for Development Conference 2015: Views from the Global South – This briefing from Manuel Montes identifies six areas in which institutional progress is essential for the Global South: 1) mobilizing domestic resources for development; 2) further developing domestic financial sectors; 3) the role of international trade as an engine for development; 4) increasing international financial and technical cooperation; 5) reducing the burden of external debt; and 6) enhancing the coherence and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems.

Fourth Session of the Post-2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations – This round of negotiations took place 21-24 April 2015 at UN Headquarters in New York, the focusing on Means of Implementation and a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. Statements, presentations and video clips from the negotiations are available.

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