Southern Voice Research Conference

Southern Voice Research Conference 16-17 February 2015, Istanbul.

A research conference captioned Southern Voice on Post-MDG International Development Goals and Targets will be taking place in a week in Istanbul, organised by Southern Voice (SV) in association with Think Tank Initiative (TTI). It will be held on 16-17 February 2015 (Monday and Tuesday) and attended by members of the SV network, the international development and research communities.

Papers will be presented at various sessions by SV research grantees who have reinterpreted their existing outputs or have undertaken new research on emerging post-2015 issues View Concept Note. After addressing the inputs received at the conference, the authors will finalise their papers for a publication titled “Southern Perspectives on Post-2015 Agenda.”

Findings of two collaborative projects of Southern Voice, viz.  Post-2015: Data Test: Unpacking Data Revolution at Country Level  and the European Report on Development 2014-15 will also be shared at the conference. Further, the conference will provide an opportunity to reflect on the future work plan and partnership programmes of the Southern Voice View Program Agenda.

For participation, please contact Ms. Andrea Ordonez at <> and Ms. Erin Renee Keddo at <>.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Madam, I am very interested in participating, need your kind support for travel.

    *Post-2015 International Development Agenda Research Conference of Southern Experts* Organised by the *Southern Voice* in association with *Think Tank Initiative*Istanbul: 16-17 February 2015.

    Best regards, Ahmad Mahdavi, PhD, insect/ pesticides/ environmental toxicologist, Sustainable agriculture and environment / and University of Tehran. Phone: +98-21-76281966 — Cell: +98-938-3073638. P. O. Box: 19615-544, Tehran, IRAN.

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