Development & Climate days: Zero poverty. Zero emissions.

6-7 December 2015 9:00 – 17:30

Country Club, Lima Hotel, Peru

An ODI, CDKN, IIED and Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre event.

For the first time in history, an opportunity exists to integrate global efforts to tackle climate change and poverty, setting the world on a path to achieve zero extreme poverty and zero net emissions within a generation.

The frameworks to be agreed in 2015 must work together to this end. But how can climate and poverty agendas be best connected?

Join us at COP20 in Lima for two days of innovative approaches and incisive dialogue, focused on bringing zero-zero within reach.


For further information, to register and to find out more about the story and sound art competition visit the Development Progress website.


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  1. Some of the new technologies are oppressed in this Millenium of Democratic set-up,by the parties running governments.Now we need again to encourage for finding new technologies for living.Let us not plan for 2020,when the population may be around 10 billion.We may need to address for the population contempleted by atleast by 2050-60.Also at the same time when we imagine 12 billion population,let us see how the urban picture will be.No assumptions use data,and replicate what happened in last 35 years.

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