5 ways the post-2015 Financing Committee could change the world. (Seriously.)

Written by Cordelia Lonsdale, Engagement and Communications Officer at Development Initiatives on Development Initiatives blog  

“The Expert Financing Committee for post-2015 (ICESDF as it’s known) is nearly done with its task of setting out the strategic framework for sustainable development financing, and civil society gets its last chance to input to their report this week, via a stakeholder dialogue event in New York.

As it stands, the report framework shows a strong narrative about making the best use of all available resources for ending poverty, according to the national context and priorities. And it’s captured the main paradigm shift we need to see: the focus on strong domestic policies being long-term drivers to end poverty and drive sustainable development. The Committee has reviewed most (not quite all) financial resources that can be mobilised in developing countries – and recognised the need for greater transparency and accountability. This is all good news (though it would be much better to have a draft report made public for comment).”

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