Who is going to pay for international development?

Written by Jonathan Glennie, Research Associate with the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure at ODI on the Development Progress financing progress blog

“The time is coming for the big ideas in targets like the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to be honed into politically feasible commitments. Addis Ababa is hosting a UN Financing for Development conference in July 2015, and the timing of the conference, before the goals are announced in September 2015, is a strong message from UN member states that if credible financial commitments are not made, the whole exercise to refresh the millennium development goals (MDGs) will be little more than words on a page.

As our blog series on development finance at ODI comes to an end, one thing is clear: the development finance agenda is broad. How should progress be paid for? What is the role of the private sector? Who should monitor sources of finance? Isn’t it now finally time for structural reform in global financial institutions, such as the World Bank. And what proportion of development should be paid for out of domestic as opposed to international resources?”

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