Smart Aid for the World’s Poor

Written by Matt Ridley, member of the British House of Lords in The Saturday Essay, Wall Street Journal.

“In September next year, the United Nations plans to choose a list of development goals for the world to meet by the year 2030. What aspirations should it set for this global campaign to improve the lot of the poor, and how should it choose them?

In answering that question, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his advisers are confronted with a task that they often avoid: setting priorities. It is no good saying that we would like peace and prosperity to reach every corner of the world. And it is no good listing hundreds of targets. Money for foreign aid, though munificent, is limited. What are the things that matter most, and what would be nice to achieve but matter less?”

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  1. 3965,.Geronimo Street,chandler,Arizona-85226,[Phoneix-USA] | July 28, 2014 at 11:05 am | Reply

    Revamp education in branches like this-[1]Primary-attractive
    [2]secondary focused for use
    [3]vocationa or skill dvelopment-usable for next 30 years,phase it ,change it,and apply computer techniqs.
    [4]Higer education
    [a] Useful for medical colleges hospitals,nurses,technicians,compunders,and para-medical to look after maleria etc.[b]Saniary,sewrage-civil engineering professionals
    [c]computer developers ,and use clerks
    [d]Proper engineering,medical,law,and public utility courses needs to be developed to meet the changes,and inter wooven technologies,which includes finance and management.Make the structure of education to teach about social understanding and how to be less litigant.Make modifications in Law course,its parctice and proper making of laws for society,so that society thrives.
    The other parts are make infrastructure to meet the next 100 years,safe,with all precaustions.Migration shall be advocated for advancement and not to make more bonded labor.
    Knowledge based society with eqaulity of gender,and purposeful living.Make agriculture profitable,by creating infrastructure for storage near production centres,and well developed e-commerce shall be near those places and not in cities.
    Availabulity of manufactured goods through e-commerce,by creating net works at near centers of civilizations.Connectivity of rail,road,and marine shall be traffic free,and safe.Care for fire accidents at all airports,and sea ports is a must in future.
    Final part as i think now is the carbon monoxide free cities,for 20 km ride 2 seater Electric or flying cars are sufficient.Unless you cahange the technology,control over this automobile industry satrted in 1865,with the invention of car by the BENZ,will not stop.Give priority for 2 seater flying cabs for 20-50 KM distance.

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