Addressing women’s elitism in national politics requires us to start local

Written by Rachael Stokes, the Head of Global Advocacy and Research at Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) on Contestation- dialogues on women’s empowerment.

“The case of the Costa Rican domestic workers perfectly illustrates the need to shift the debate beyond numbers to consider how inclusive and representative our political systems truly are – at all levels.

Whilst the advances made in women’s parliamentary representation worldwide is no doubt a cause for celebration we know full well that ‘bums on seats’ are not enough. Attention must increasingly turn to ensuring women parliamentarians reflect the diversity of societies in which they live and that their increased participation translates into actual influence.”

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  1. 3965,.Geronimo Street,chandler,Arizona-85226,[Phoneix-USA] | July 26, 2014 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    In the present scene across the world,including the developed countries,the legeslative imposition of legal santity for women participation is a must.After all we know,and we are still hearing women being subjected to sexual harrasment even in most developed university campus.Let us not forget that there were and will be wars of mass destruction if women needs are forgotten.Remember,Cliopatra of Roman Empire,Trojan war,and Indian context the Ramayan,Mahabharat,etc…Let us find ways for a better partnered society,by delegating responsibulities as needed with respect.

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