Will Women’s Reproductive Rights Be Dropped in the Post-2015 Agenda?

Written by Rebecca Brown, the director of global advocacy at the Center for Reproductive Rights on World Views, PassBlue.

“The United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda is the next phase of the Millennium Development Goals, which provided a 15-year road map to tackle poverty and foster development in the world’s poorest countries. But as putting together the new agenda moves forward, it is becoming clear that the critical needs of women may be pushed aside.

Currently, there are 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals to meet by 2030. Two of the draft goals address health and gender equality, which is good news. The bad news is that the two countries leading the process for developing these goals — Kenya and Hungary — have removed sexual and reproductive health and rights from the health goal and watered down the gender equality goal, a major setback for women.”

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3 Comments on "Will Women’s Reproductive Rights Be Dropped in the Post-2015 Agenda?"

  1. The link is broken

  2. Thank you! The link should be working now

  3. Since I came out of High School, like any student, I thrived to do something better.
    Sexual health is as important as physical or mental well-being.
    As with any surgical procedure, there is pain and scarring.

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