Post-2015 resources round-up is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post.  Below, read today’s selection:

Introduction and Proposed Goals and Targets on Sustainable Development for the Post-2015 Development Agenda: zero draft of proposed goals and targets for the post-2015 agenda by the co-chairs of the Open Working Group on SDGs

World of Work Report 2014: annual report by the ILO, with this year’s edition drawing on evidence from over 140 developing countries

Informal comments to Members of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals on the Zero Draft for its 12th Session: document offering informal comments from Saferworld on the Zero Draft circulated by the co-Chairs of the OWG on SDGs in advance of its 12th session.

Bringing Policy Coherence for Development into the post-2015 agenda – Challenges and Prospects: discussion paper by Anna Knoll at ECDPM on the conceptual and political challenges when promoting the policy coherence for development (PCD) concept as a universal concept in the global discussions and the principles of PCD that can be mainstreamed in the post-2015 framework without using strong PCD jargon.

Social Protection, Poverty and the Post-2015 Agenda: new paper by Ariel Fiszbein, Ravi Kanbur and Ruslan Yemtsov arguing that social protection needs to be on the post-2015 agenda as a key element of the discourse and providing an empirical overview of social protection around the world based and develops, tentatively and for discussion, a set of candidate goals, indicators and targets for the acceleration of poverty reduction through social protection.

European Commission Proposal to Address Global Poverty and Sustainable Development: The EC adopted a Communication to contribute to the EU position in international negotiations on SDGs, which describes key principles and proposes priority areas and potential targets for the years following 2015.

Climate adaptation and agriculture – Solutions to successful national adaptation plans: policy brief by  CGIAR Consortium‘s Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research programme.

The Global Youth Call – Prioritizing Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: the Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Agenda reflecting on the emerging global consensus on concrete proposals for target areas on youth in the post-2015 development agenda through consultations with youth organisations, international organisations and crowd-sourcing.

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