Post-2015 resources round-up is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post.  Below, read today’s selection:

7th World Urban Forum Medellín Declaration – The outcome declaration from the Recent World Urban Forum conference in Medellin, Colombia as presented by UN Habitat.

Exploring the Gender Dimension of Climate Finance Mechanisms – New briefing by the UNDP and the Global Gender and Climate Alliance as part of the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund.

UNEP Post-2015 Notes – Two recent reports by the UNEP on post-2015 on Human Health and the Environment (Note #3) and Green and Decent Jobs for Poverty Eradication (Note #4)

Tackling inequalities: at the heart of the post-2015 agenda? – Speech by Francois Bourguignon, Director of the Paris School of Economics and former Chief Economist of the World Bank, for the second development lecture in honour of Angus Maddison organised by the OECD Development Centre.

Transformation of a Policy Area: Development Policy Is in a Systemic Crisis and Faces the Challenge of a More Complex System Environment – New discussion paper by Guido Ashoff and Stephan Klingebiel published by the German Development Institute (D.I.E).

Participate proposal for post-2015 targets –New report by the Participate Initiative which provides high quality evidence on the reality of poverty at ground level, bringing perspectives of the poorest into the post-2015 debate. This report, based on a synthesis of studies conducted by the Participate Participatory Research Group (PRG) in 29 countries, outlines focus areas that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable positive change in the lives of the poorest and most marginalised.

Sustaineo 2030: Learning Sustainable Development from the Future – New report by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, the International Institute for Sustainable Development and Novel Futures. Sustaineo 2030 is based on real experiences that have been examined as part of the global study “Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future” carried out by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and presents the ideal governance structures and policy instruments with the goal of sustainable development.

Post 2015: Peace, security and development belong together – New report by Heiner Janus and Gerrit Kurtz published by the German Development Institute (D.I.E)

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