Sustainable development goals, targets and…clusters?

Written by Molly Elgin-Cossart, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Non-resident Fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation on the Global Dashboard blog

“The UN’s Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) will meet next week to discuss potential goals and targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expire in 2015. The OWG and its co-Chairs deserve praise for making significant progress in an incredibly complex process involving an overwhelming number of issues and actors.

The OWG co-Chairs have admirably attempted to reduce a long list of development priorities into 8 “clusters” for discussion (issued last week), following reactions to the 19 “focus areas” they released last month. Many asserted that 19 is too many, compared to the 8 goals of the MDGs. Though the co-Chairs are careful to caution that the focus areas are not goals – and that the clusters are simply for discussion – these caveats are generally ignored. The co-Chairs themselves have indicated they would like to have a better sense of the sustainable development goals and targets by the end of next week. Under considerable pressure to provide structure, producing the 8 clusters is a natural attempt to meet these demands. But any clustering of issues at this point will inevitably raise questions.

Making decisions too early can have unintended consequences. Preempting the conversation over the focus areas has considerable potential to impede negotiations going forward. Those interested in specific areas will inevitably have opinions about why their subject requires its own ‘cluster’ or why it should or should not be grouped with other issues.”

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