Studies Show: People Want Democracy to Deliver the Goods

Written by Alina Rocha Menocal, Gina Bergh and Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi from ODI in the Foreign Policy.

“Does the average person consider governance when they think about the things that affect their everyday lives? In a new Overseas Development Institute (ODI) paper that assesses views on governance based on survey data from around the world, we find that they do. But governance hasmany aspects, and there are some that are more important to people than others.

In general, people seem to be concerned first and foremost about state performance and the ability of governments to deliver on key needs and expectations in areas including economic management, growth stimulation, job creation, health, education, or a more equitable distribution of goods and services. Corruption is a central part of this story, since it has such a big impact on people’s satisfaction with their governments and their perceptions of its performance overall.”

Click here to read the full post, and here to read the related paper.


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