How can business drive meaningful poverty alleviation?

Written by Andy Wales, SABMiller – one of the world’s largest brewing companies on the Development Progress blog

“The role of business value chains in driving meaningful poverty alleviation must not be underestimated – and indeed at Davos this year there was a clear consensus that business has a critical role to play in wider poverty alleviation. Business can and should do more, and governments should work to create environments which enable and encourage private sector interventions.

The company I work for – SABMiller – has a significant emerging market footprint meaning that we are able to understand the multiple benefits of supporting micro and small businesses development.  I’ve seen them first hand and we are making more and more concerted efforts to design value chain programmes to achieve this. A thoughtful approach to engaging with small businesses in your value chain is not only critical to success for big businesses but also the key to unlocking significant economic value and growth in some of the poorest communities around the world.”

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