Civil Society and Global Partnership – Reflections Ahead of Mexico

Written by Richard Ssewakiryanga, Global Co-Chair of CSO Partnership for Effective Development on the Effective Development Co-operation Blog.

The world has changed rapidly in recent years. We have seen American citizens take to the streets and non-violently occupy Wall Street. Egypt’s Tahrir Square is now a household name and in Thailand, citizens are engaging publicly with the state about its governance. Vibrant citizen-state interactions are no longer exceptions but the rule in the new global political architecture as people express themselves through protest, policy advocacy and practice change. The ongoing reality is the desire to achieve the best for our societies and the world.

Building on previous processes, civil society was among the most active and organised of stakeholders in the lead-up to the Busan High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, stating key messages and areas of engagement well before many governments agreed their positions. Civil society has worked with all other actors across the globe in the Working Party of Aid Effectiveness at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and all attendant work streams, providing alternative policy positions and new thinking.”

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