Africa: Common Africa Position on Post 2015 Development Framework

Written by Franco Wandabwa, Africa Advocacy Director, Save the Children International on All Africa website.

In January 2014, African leaders adopted the report of the High Level Committee, chaired by H. E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, building a consensus on Africa’s conception of a new sustainable development framework. This position is what African nations will take into the negotiations at the UN, in the hope of securing a deal that delivers for people across our continent.

The HLC and AU have set out an ambitious agenda for the sustainable development of Africa and the promise of continent in which no one lives in extreme poverty by 2030.

It is very exciting to see that the Common Africa Position has addressed critical issues of inequality, accountability, quality of services and promoting a sustainable environment, thus balancing the three pillars of sustainable development (social, economic, environmental), which was not achieved in the Millennium Development Goals.”

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