Why Davos Has Left Me With the Feeling That 2014 Is the Year the World Can and Must Rise to the Climate Challenge

Written by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the Huffington Post blog.

The mood, ambition and announcements at the World Economic Forum in Davos has left me feeling more energized and confident than ever that 2014 will be the year when the world can and must come together to meet the growing challenge of climate change and seize the opportunities manifest in a transition to a low carbon economy.

There is almost no better place than the WEF to put your finger on the pulse of what global business and political leaders are thinking and get a sense of the trends that shape the lives of billions of people on this planet. Undeniably, climate change is now right back up there among the top concerns of business and political leaders.

The evidence is coming from all sides. One of the most striking impressions last week was looking at the front Page of the New York Times while in Davos, and seeing two corporate giants hit by climate change, Coca Cola and Nike, lobbying governments for increased action. These companies very clearly see climate change as a risk to their business models, including their globalized supply chains.

Two key reports launched in Davos by the WEF Global Agenda Council demonstrate the widespread sense that climate change is a systemic risk to major corporations and entire economies – and show that it is also an opportunity, with the right corporate and government response.”

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