Time for a new partnership between policy makers and marginalised groups

Written by Thea Shahrokh from the Institute of Development Studies on the Development Progress blog:

“People who are most marginalised and living in greatest poverty around the world want to develop their own futures and shape the policies and programmes that affect them. According to participatory research in 29 countries conducted by the Participate PRG, people are calling, loud and clear, for the right to play a meaningful role in the decisions that affect their lives. It is time for policy-makers to heed that call, and to put it at the heart of development policy.

Participation can help to tackle the corruption, inefficiencies and discriminations that so often confront those living in poverty. When participation is truly inclusive it challenges the power imbalances that block the accountability of duty bearers; ultimately, this can lead to the transformative shifts that pave the way for sustainable change.”

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