What do countries want from aid? Some reflections from the field

As part of  Development Progress’ Valuing Progress blog series, Annalisa Prizzon takes a look at the priorities of aid recipient countries and how they would like to see aid flows meet them. Reflecting on her field work, she also draws on the MY World survey to take a look at citizen preferences.

“Nearly two years ago, on a sunny day in Lusaka I decided to take my time before starting my next meeting. The radio was blaring out a heated and fractious budget hearing from Parliament, centred on the future of aid from donors and its alignment with national priorities. I have stopped being surprised by the headlines in newspapers across developing countries about the latest high-level meeting with donors or the latest project approved or results achieved. While aid dependency is declining in most of these countries, aid is still an important part of the equation, as important as domestic revenues, especially in the case of low-income countries.”

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