Advancing Women’s Rights in a Changing Landscape for Development Co-operation

Written by Ana Abelenda, Association for Women’s Rights in Development on the Effective Development Co-operation blog:

“Development actors worldwide accept that advancing women’s rights and gender equality is not only a desirable goal, but a cornerstone of any successful sustainable development framework. Women and girls are in the public eye and recognised as key agents in development as never before.

‘Investing in women and girls’ is increasingly heralded as a keystone strategy for women’s economic empowerment, and indeed, for broader development and economic growth. Variations on this discourse are coming from as diverse actors as the World BankNewsweek, and Walmart. Funding agencies and international NGOs have increasingly adopted the language of “investing in women” via new policies and programmes. Corporations are emphasising women as a key constituency of consumers, economic agents and small-scale entrepreneurs. Mass media feature stories on the power of women in addressing social and economic problems, and cover key challenges/issues faced by women and girls around the world. Few would dare deny the importance of women’s empowerment and autonomy in building healthy economies, just societies, and lasting peace.

Yet, when it comes to funding resources for effective advancement of women and girls beyond quick fixes the picture is not so bright.”

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