Hot, Warm and Cooling Topics on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Written by Prof. Richard Heeks, Director, Centre for Development Informatics at the University of Manchester, on the ICTs for Development blog:

“The analysis presented in my previous blog entry helped understand the post-2015 development agenda.  But it was static, giving no sense of the dynamics and trends within that agenda.  Those dynamics are important to all development stakeholders: “hot” topics garner funding and attention and political support, and so can gather momentum and produce real-world impact.

So, using the MDGs as the comparison point, what topics are falling down, continuing on, and rising up the international development agenda?

A textual analysis – for details see “From the MDGs to the Post-2015 Agenda: Analysing Changing Development Priorities” – was undertaken comparing core MDG with core post-2015 documentation.”

Its findings suggest that topics such as environmental sustainability and migration have become more important and are increasingly talked about, while issues like trade and manufacturing are on the way down. To view the full visual analysis, and the rest of the blog, click here

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