Donors and a Data Revolution

Written by Amanda Glassman, writing on the Center for Global Development Blog:

“The High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda calls for a “data revolution,” a new international initiative to improve the quality and scope of statistics and information available to citizens and policymakers. Such an initiative is particularly needed in sub-Saharan Africa where core statistical products like censuses, vital registration systems and household/firm surveys are not yet routine or complete, and where data accuracy, timeliness, relevance and availability are perennial problems. (See our own work on this issue here, and a good summary of the problem here)

There have been many “data revolution” meetings and conversations at all levels, and a number of new projects set to test post-2015 goals at country level from a data perspective. Yet one issue has remained outstanding: we’ve collectively avoided taking a hard look at the role of donor funding and spending restrictions in the limited progress on better data in Africa.”

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