A Solution for the Inequality Politics of Post-2015?

Written by Alex Cobham, on the Center for Global Development blog:

“Here’s a very simple idea to include income inequality in the post-2015 framework to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. I’ve talked about this before – podcasts here and here for example – but I seem not to have written it down. Here goes… your comments would be most welcome.

Two main objections have been raised (by the High Level Panel on Post-2015, for example) to including an income inequality target in the post-2015 framework. One is technical, namely the claim that there isn’t a good enough measure of inequality. I don’t take this very seriously. Is this one area of measurement too complex? Last year CGD held a high-level event dedicated to the issue, which had no shortage of proposed inequality measures – including the Palma and the median. The new economics foundation is currently working on a technical report to consider and rate the main possibilities, and much work has been done already across the UN system.”

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