Development finance: Can it advance local ownership?

Nora Lester Murad, founder of the Dalia Association, Palestine’s first community foundation, writing on the Development Progress blog:

“John Kerry’s VIP convoy speeds through Ramallah, rushing past local Palestinians: and so goes the development finance discourse – rushing past grassroots development activists. If the development finance folks would just slow down for a moment, here are a few things they might hear from those who are aid dependent about financing the post-2015 development goals:

1. Development finance isn’t just about what you put in. It needs to account for failure, as well as success

Development failure is no accident. It is, in general, caused by the same forces and interests that enrich donor countries and make others needy. Yet, with few exceptions, the post-2015 development finance discourse seems to ignore the macro-causes of development failure. So how can development finance experts hope to estimate the true costs of achieving the MDGs or post-2015 development goals?”

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