An Early Harvest on the Wider Sustainable Development Agenda

Written by Alex Evans, on the Center on International Cooperation Blog:

“Early progress on finance for development (see separate post on finance here) is by no means the only area where an ‘early harvest’ on the post-2015 agenda will need to make progress. Five more areas of particular importance where progress could be made over the next 2-3 years are as follows.

1. The role of the private sector in sustainable development. The debate about the role of the private sector in post-2015 needs to move from generalities to concrete actions – many of which will be specific to particular sectors or geographies. A good starting point would be for the UN’s new Partnerships Facility to undertake a gap analysis of where new partnerships would be useful, once it is up and running, with a presumption of a partnership on each area in which a post-2015 goal is agreed.

Governments, meanwhile, should introduce mandatory corporate reporting on non-financial performance for companies above a certain size. The private sector itself, finally, needs to set out its own ‘offer’ on post-2015, including giving one organization the lead voice on the agenda.”

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