Post-2015 News

Read in our round-up the latest news and events on post-2015 and the sustainable development goals:

Event: The Post-2015 Goals: Inspiring a New Generation to Act (at the World Economic Forum in Davos)

How can a new spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual accountability carry the post-2015 development goals from vision to action? Speakers: Tidjane Thiam, None Bono, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Jasmine Whitbread, Michael Oreskes, David Cameron

Helen Clark: The London School of Economics, International Growth Centre Public Lecture “The next global development agenda: From aspiration to delivery”

Helen Clark, administrator of the UNDP, gave a lecture at the London School of Economics on January 21s on the post-2015 agenda. She touched on a wide variety of subjects including inequality; unemployment; environmental degradation; war and conflict; crime; and the intricacies of the post-2015 process. Below, read a short extract:

“[…]In tackling the big challenges, where should the new agenda prioritize action?

While much of the detailed work to establish practical goals, targets, and a supporting framework is yet to be done, a number of themes are clear.

1.    “Leaving no one behind” has a lot of traction – as it should have. That could include goals to eradicate poverty by 2030, to eliminate chronic hunger, to end avoidable child deaths, to extend access to essential services like health cover to all citizens, and more.

But delivering on such goals requires reaching those living in fragile countries and remote areas, and all those affected by violence, discrimination, exclusion, and extreme poverty. Estimates of the extent of the concentration of extreme poverty in fragile states range upwards from one-third of the global total today, to projections of fifty per cent by 2018, and two-thirds and upwards by 2030. The eradication of extreme poverty cannot be achieved if parts of our world continue to be wracked by violent conflict and fragility – and by gross inequality, including that based on gender.”

The 2013/4 EFA Global Monitoring Report: Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all

The release date for the next EFA report on global education has been set for January 29th 2014. According to its website “it will explain how investing wisely in teachers, and other reforms aimed at strengthening equitable learning, transform the long-term prospects of people and societies” while touching on the importance of education for the post-2015 development agenda.

OWG to Host Informal Meeting on Way Forward

A letter outlining plans to discuss the next steps for the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been released by the co-chairs of the OWG. They seek to hold an informal consultation on February 4th, to allow member states to agree on a course of action after the group’s 8th session (OWG 8).

This consultation will help the group decide how to prepare the document laying out the Group’s vision of goals and targets. OWG Co-Chairs Machuria Kamau (Kenya) and Csaba Kőrösi (Hungary) have made two suggestions: an “inclusive and representative list/compendium of priority areas of sustainable development and the universal commitments needed to make significant and measurable progress in those areas;” or a “a loose text based on the stock-taking phase to stimulate further debate on the way forward.” Read the IISD’s coverage of the issue to find out more.

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