Who Wants What from the Post-2015 Agenda?

Written by Alex Evans, on the Center on International Cooperation blog:

“Despite a widely shared appetite for an ambitious set of goals, the political context for the post-2015 agenda remains challenging and sometimes paradoxical.

Within New York, discussions have become increasingly characterized by mistrust between OECD countries on one hand and the G77 group of developing countries on the other. The issue of common but differentiated responsibilities – long a key concept in multilateral environmental agreements, but relatively new in the context of international development – has emerged as a particularly important area of division. As a result, many participants in post-2015 discussions express concern privately that the agenda could become bogged down in stalemate or acrimony.

However, the picture is more complex than a straightforward North-South divide. There are also substantial differences of view within the G77 – notably between emerging economies on one hand and the Africa group on the other. Views expressed by member state missions in New York often differ from those in national capitals, meanwhile.”

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