Sustainability, Food and Nutrition Security, and the Post-2015 Development Goals

By Josh Lozman, writing on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation blog:

“This is the first post in a series on sustainable agriculture.

The Millennium Development Goals have been a remarkable global report card, helping focus the world’s attention on global development and human health priorities. The MDGs did not, however, focus on how and why progress across development sectors must be sustainable, and that is one of the key challenges for the emerging post-2015 development framework.

The phrase “sustainability” is often used, but it’s not always clear what is meant by this. We see sustainability as key to ensuring that progress is more than just achieving short-term results but is about building communities and economies that can thrive over the long-term, while protecting the environment for future generations.

This “sustainability” imperative is at the heart of development – no more so than in the nexus between rural poverty and hunger. Eliminating poverty, particularly rural poverty, is not possible without eliminating hunger and malnutrition through building sustainable agriculture and food systems”.

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