Education Among Goals Ahead of the Post-2015 Game

By Gina Bergh and Jonathan Couturier, Overseas Development Institute, on the Norrag blog:

“It’s been a hectic year for the post-2015 development agenda, with a stream of high and low level panels, consultations, working groups and proposals flooding the policy space. So we set out to assess the proposals up to now likely to carry weight as a new framework takes shape in the coming months. In our recent rough guide we look at the emerging areas of consensus and divergence, and where there is still more to work out.

Among possible future goals education is firmly one of those ahead of the game. For one, in how developed and engaged the community working on ideas in this area is, not least thanks to its long-standing place as central to national and global development agendas (reflected in its central placement in the MDGs). So it avoids the level of politics, and to an extent the level of technical challenge, that some more recently suggested goals like governance or jobs must face. Also – and partly because of these head starts – it already enjoys lots of consensus.”

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