Does climate change matter to the poor?

Written by Bernadette Fischler, from CAFOD, writing on the Broker Online:

“Why do some surveys show action on climate change at the bottom of the priority scale, while others demonstrate the urgent need for adaptation and mitigation strategies? While this seems contradictory, it is important to not jump to conclusions.

Does climate change matter to people living in poverty?

Based on what we learnt when we asked them, I would say “yes, definitely”. CAFOD’s recent research report ‘COMPASS 2015’ used several participatory methods to provide in-depth evidence on the priorities, challenges, visions and aspirations of poor or marginalised people. The participatory nature of the research empowers participants to articulate the messages they want policy-makers to hear.

As my colleague Sarah Wykes outlines in her recent blog, the results of our conversations with women, men and children at the margins of society show that environmental disasters can have a devastating impact.”

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