Post 2015 Objective Peace: Development and Insecurity

By Nic Watkins, on the ISIS Europe blog:

ISIS Europe visited the EU Development Days event in Brussels.  Organised by the European Commission, the event brings together development workers looks to build a consensus on a development agenda post 2015. ISIS attended the panel discussion entitled Post 2015: Objective Peace, the search for sustained solutions to fragility, conflict and violence from 2015.  With the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) ending in 2015 the development community is looked to define the next set of goalposts.

The panel was chaired by Shada Islam, Director of Policy, Friends of Europe.  She introduced the topic, explaining that 1.5 billion people live in conflict affected and fragile states and there is a consensus that development cannot take place in these situations.  There is an emerging understanding that development must tackle the root causes of conflict.  Drivers of conflict were beginning to be given priority when it came to tackling development issues.

Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director General, Directorate-General for Development & Cooperation, EuropeAid spoke about the recent common frameworks that were being established to deal with statebuiliding, including the ‘New Deal’ for fragile states as being a step in the right direction.  Areas such as Security Sector Reform (SSR), transnational crime and migration had to become a focus of development in order to tackle the drivers of conflict.  These approaches required a strong sense of community ownership if they were to be successful.

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