Food and Farming in 2030: Looking ahead on the post-2015 agenda

Farming First has put together an interactive infographic exploring Food and Farming in the context of the post-2015 agenda. Below you can read its description:

“The current post-2015 development agenda will just be expiring, and the global community will reflect on the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How will we determine our success or failure? What metrics will we use? What role will the agricultural sector have played to help? We invite you to explore the forecasts, estimates and trends which we hope will shape the post-2015 development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Click here to access the infographic. You can also read a blog by Robert Hunter, Co-Chair of Farming First, on the subject of Agriculture in post-2015. Read extracts below:

“A new infographic by Farming First has taken a new approach to looking at the post-2015 development agenda by skipping forward in time to the year 2030 (when the SDGs are expected to expire) in order to ask the question, “Are we taking the necessary steps NOW to meet the predicted needs we will have in 2030?”


Take water stress as an example. If business as usual continues, it is predicted that by 2030, almost half of the global population (3.9 billion people) will experience severe water scarcity, particularly in Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Perhaps even more alarming, is the fact that by 2030, if current consumption patterns continue, global water demand will increase more than 50%, meaning that the demand for water will be around 40% higher than what will be available.

But reducing water scarcity is not an unattainable goal.  A recent study by the Challenge Program on Water and Food has concluded that there is enough water in major river basins to last until at least 2050.  As one reviewer put it, “there is enough water, we’re just dumb about using it.””

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