Call for research proposals on post-MDG debates from Southern Voice

The Southern Voice network on post-MDG International Development goals has issued a call for research proposals on post-MDG debates. Read extracts from the call below:

Southern Voice on Post-MDGs International Development Goals initiative aims to take the rich knowledge available with the think tanks in the Global South and link it to the global debates on the post-MDG international development agenda (see for details the programme proposal). Southern Voice researchers are invited to submit research proposals on key issues relating to the current debate on the post-2015 international development agenda. You may kindly share this call with your colleagues.

Context. The Discussions and debates on the post-MDGs international development agenda are at a crucial stage. Key input reports have been prepared and consultations are happening across the globe. In September 2013, the UN General Assembly held a special session on the post-2015 framework and issues. The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals is to develop its recommendations by March 2014. Negotiations are going to start in September 2014. In this context, Southern Voice seeks to contribute to the evolving discourse drawing on its unique vision on national development processes and its evidence-based policy perspectives.

Objectives. The main objective of this activity of the Southern Voice is to address the existing knowledge asymmetry in the global development thinking by way of infusing fresh perspectives and insights originating from Southern Think Tanks. The outcome of this process will be an edited volume of high quality and peer reviewed research papers to be published by a reputed publisher.

Deliverables. The following two inter-related outputs, based on their research proposals, are expected from the selected researchers.

(i)                  An original research study on any of the thematic clusters mentioned below.

(ii)                A short note containing the major findings of the study for wider dissemination through digital outreach.

Thematic Scope. The researchers are to draw on their area of expertise or specialisation and they are expected to link this to the global debates, literature and policy processes on the post-2015 agenda. The key is to connect the experience and insights of the Southern Think Tanks to the ongoing debate and discussions on Post-MDGs. Towards this, we suggest that the prospective researchers consult the following documents: The High Level Panel Report, the Action Agenda For Sustainable Development prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the UN Global Compact Report, MY World the United Nations Global Survey for a  Better World, Advancing Regional Recommendations Post-2015 Consultation report by UN-NGLS, blogs on relevant trends for think tanks, and which archives news on the process.

The expected outputs will focus on any of the four thematic clusters given below:

  1. Framework Issues
  • Trade-offs between a post-MDG framework that builds on the unfished MDGs agenda and new development concerns and a broader, more sustainability focused SDGs Framework
  • Balance between different emerging thematic or sectoral priorities for the post-2015 framework
  • Ensuring no-one is left behind: addressing inequalities in progress and remaining focussed on the most marginalised and excluded
  • Creating interest for Middle Income Countries (MICs) in the post-2015 framework
  • Accommodating development concerns of countries with special needs within a universal goal framework
  • Coherence of post-2015 framework with other international covenants
  1. Goals, targets, indicators
  • The choice of Goals, Targets and Indicators for different types of countries (countries with special needs, LCDs, MICS) in the context of post-MDGs
  • Exploring interdependence and synergy of different goals and targets in the post-2015 framework
  • Data and measurement: data gaps for measuring a broader, more ambitious set of post-2015 goals
  1. Resources and Implementation through Other (non-finance) Means (IOMs)
  • Finances for achieving post-2015 Goals and Targets: ODA, Debt Relief, Domestic Resource Mobilisation, Remittances, FDIs and different forms of innovative finance
  • Efficiency gains through reforms of global and regional institutions, rules and regulations particularly in the areas of Trade, Finance, Technology Transfer, IPR and Climate Change
  • Opportunities and challenges of South-South cooperation
  1. Implementation Modalities: Institutions and Partnerships
  • Role of private sector institutions (think tanks, CSOs, Corporate and Trade Bodies) in attaining the post-MDGs
  • Role of public private partnerships in implementing actions to attain the post-MDGs
  • Role of interdependent monitoring of the Goals, Targets and Indicators in the context of the post-MDGs

Researchers are encouraged to take an approach that will allow them to develop and construct a new perspective on the Post-2015 development issues and process. Researchers, wishing to focus on a specific issue with the post-MDG framework based on their more specialised areas of interest, are invited to present their proposal with a short justification on the relevance of their chosen topic. The study is expected to be based on desk research and secondary evidence, at the same time analytically rich and going beyond exclusive country focus.

This call will give higher credence and priority to research which will come up with innovative ideas and suggestions to overcome the challenges of shaping the new development agendas as against undertaking traditional diagnostics of the current state of development as regards the identified research issue. This call also values research that identifies current gaps in the discussion which if addressed appropriately could help the post-MDG discussion to move forward in new directions.”

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