Can global development and local peacebuilding work together?

By Jamie Grant, writing on Insight on Conflict:

Can local peacebuilders become a crucial link between the international development industry and some of the most at-risk communities? As the deadline for the UN Millennium Development Goals approaches, Jaimie Gant looks at the opportunities for local peacebuilding organisations in the post-2015 agenda.

As the 2015 deadline approaches, the UN is working to draw up a new set of development goals. At first glance, there’s not a lot this elaborate process has to offer local peacebuilding organisations. International targets require a level of universality and concrete measurability, while community-led initiatives and social-political cohesion don’t get much of a look in. Peacebuilding and security certainly didn’t when the first Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were decided upon relatively quickly and quietly in 1999.

However, for their renewal through the Post-2015 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals processes, the expansive consultation has allowed a much broader range of perspectives and experiences of how international development can be coordinated and prioritized. Crucially it is also looking to actors beyond member states and UN agencies to lead on their implementation. Given the breadth of the consultation, the resulting mandate will be a formidable influence on the whole international development framework over the next 15 to 20 years, from village councils to the World Bank.”

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