Targeting the rule of law

Article by Cherie Blair, on the Law Society Gazette:

“In September, the United Nations General Assembly met in New York to debate the future of the international development agenda. This meeting represented another step in the vital process of deciding what follows the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that are due to expire in 2015.

Many will have been heartened to see the discussion ‘reaffirm the importance’ of the rule of law, while regretting the explicit inclusion of a target in this regard. Many economists, lawyers and development practitioners lamented the exclusion of the rule of law in the original MDGs; but it need not happen again as we now have the opportunity to make the rule of law an explicit target in the post-2015 development agenda.

There are many reasons to value the rule of law – it underpins security and ensures a just society – but it is also essential for economic reasons. This perspective is sometimes overlooked, but when we consider the rule of law as a development goal it cannot be neglected.

There are many ways in which more effective legal systems and more robust laws can encourage economic growth, but a few stand out.”

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