Post2015: The Voice of Young Kosovars

Below you can read extracts of a blog post from Innovations Lab Kosovo:

“Of the estimated 1.8 million inhabitants of Kosovo, around half are under 25 years old, with over half of the ministers in the government under the age of 40.—the “Young Europeans,” as Kosovans are often called, is no misnomer. And this immense youth population matters: consider that this demographic will make up tomorrow’s voters, labor force, business and civil society leaders, minsters, and soon, and will reap the benefits—or consequences—of the work initiated today to prepare Kosovo to listen when its young population assumes the responsibility of making  its voice heard.

In the region’s arid summer, our Post 2015 team literally scaled mountains meeting and talking with enthusiastic young people in order to take the pulse of youth in Kosovo. From scenic Dragash to north-most Mitrovica, from historic Gracanica to cultural Prizren, the team travelled the breadth of the region on a mission to gather from youth feedback on issues ranging from everyday social problems to their dreams and aspirations. Thoughts and opinions differed, but all of the communities we traveled to had one important thing in common: a multitude of young, passionate personalities keen to be involved in the project, determined to voice the concerns and the hopes of their communities.


The concerns most eagerly voiced were those we identified in the findings of the consultation phase held in December 2012; poor quality in education and healthcare standards were the most pressing issues as well as the restriction in freedom of movement through Mitrovica and Gracanica. On the other end of the spectrum the aims and desires of youths in Prishtina spoke of a yearning to travel abroad and experience cultures outside their own, in Dragash we heard of the endemic lack of entertainment, culture and sports projects. In Gjakove and Gjilan, youths also explained that there was not much to participate in, in terms of developing their own personal interests and activities in the way of entertainment establishments and sports facilities.”

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