Paving the way toward the MDGS and beyond

 Article by Susan Nicolai from the Overseas Development Institute:

 “Global development targets were high on the agenda at the 68th United Nations General Assembly held a month ago in New York. While this involved what one colleague described as the ultimate post-2015 talk-fest, as much or more time was spent on the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and last-ditch efforts to speed progress before their end date. A range of heads of state, world leaders and celebrities weighed in with their own calls to action and reported pledges of over US$3billion. Covering the final two years of MDG implementation, it is vital to make the most of these commitments.

 Here at ODI’s Development Progress, we asked a range of development experts how they would focus these efforts to accelerate MDG progress. Our eight contributors spanned the continents and hailed from a range of backgrounds, having worked with civil-society groups, policy think-tanks, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

 We asked a simple question: ‘What do you see as the single most important thing needed to accelerate progress toward the MDGs?’ Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answers were as complex as the messy world of development.

 Still, some headlines came through.

Think long-term, no quick fixes

 There was a strong call for a shift away from focusing on targets towards greater sustainability of approach.Charles Abugre argued that, for Africa and elsewhere, development efforts need to shift from a narrow MDG focus toward broader structural transformation. “

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