Seven ideas for putting peace at the heart of post-2015

Article by Thomas Wheeler from Saferworld:

“In last week’s blog post, Thomas Wheeler and David Alpher reflected on the UN General Assembly opening week (UNGA) and where we were in relation to putting sustainable peace and safe societies at the heart of a new post-2015 framework. This time we look at the context moving forward.

For immediate attention: OWG

On the immediate horizon lies the Open Working Group (OWG). The OWG was created at the Rio+20 conference to develop a set of sustainable development goals. In early February next year it will hold its final session on three outstanding issues, including one on ‘Conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and the promotion of durable peace, rule of law and governance’. It will then submit a crucial recommendations report, reflecting consensus between its 70 members, to the UNGA in 2014.

It is crucial that those supporting the peace agenda engage directly with the relevant mission diplomats and technical advisors, many of whom will be more comfortable discussing environmental or traditional development issues. The overwhelming evidence on the centrality of peace for sustainable development needs to be presented, misperceptions over issues such as sovereignty need to be addressed, and the practical feasibility of the agenda needs to be demonstrated.”

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