It’s time for today’s youth to speak up for post-2015

By Henry Mark, on the Global Health Students blog:

“The countdown is on. In 806 days the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), formulated at the turn of the 21st century will come to an end.

The MDGs have had their highs and lows. It is difficult to argue against the fact that they have united governments, public, private, non-governmental and civil society organisations, all with the aim of meeting the needs of the world’s poorest individuals. There certainly seems to have been some successes. While some people laud the achievements of the MDGs it must also be noted that there has been a certain amount of criticism; namely scepticism around the ability to measure their success, and global challenges that have simply been left neglected. One thing is sure though, come 2016 we will embark upon a new global development agenda. An agenda that is forming as you read this post.

The aim of writing this blog entry is not to provide an additional voice to the debate around the success and failures of the MDGs or what should be included in the post-2015 agenda. My aim here is to suggest why, and more importantly how you, today’s youth, can engage and be a vital part of this process.”

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