Just Governance and the Post-2015 Development Framework A critical cornerstone for development and human rights

Extracts from an Article in Sudan Vision:

“A critical cornerstone for an equitable and human rights centered sustainable development agenda post-2015 needs a Just Governance and this is the issue addressed by this paper reviewed here and which was the result of a very wide world consultations among civil society organizations.
National democratic ownership of development: As a central means of fostering national ownership, new global goals must be aligned with national policies, budgets, and local delivery. Without such vertical alignment, it is likely that any new set of goals will remain aspirational and unachieved. For each country, democratic ownership of a new global framework should be facilitated through the formulation of compliant targets and indicators at the national level. These national level processes should be carried out with effective and meaningful participation of national parliaments, citizens, civil society organizations and other key stakeholders. Transparency and accountability assessments should be participatory and go beyond issues of capacity to assess the political dynamics of governance in a particular country. Creating more effective and coherent global governance will be a futile exercise if it is not reflected in, and ‘owned’ by, effective national counterparts and placed in an influential governance position vis-à-vis other ministries and interest groups.

– Accountable financing and resources: The new framework should include concrete commitments, especially from high-income countries, to allocate sufficient material and institutional resources and contribute to capacity building for making progress and achieving development goals. Resources should be allocated through at least two main sources: aid and the diversion of funds from harmful practices. Given the inherent link between accountability, representation and taxation, tax justice between and within countries should be monitored and incentivized through the successor framework.”

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